S'Cool Sounds

Music in the Classroom — A Hands-On Experience

The S’Cool Sounds music program provides children in grades K-5 with life-long advantages for learning, growing, and living by teaching them to play a musical instrument in the classroom. Learning a musical instrument draws on and nourishes multiple life skills, helping to develop the whole child as a focused, disciplined and creative individual. In partnership with the school and its teachers, the program fosters music making as a natural expression of each child and the school community.

S’Cool Sounds promotes intellectual growth, attentiveness to detail, habits of cooperation, and confidence through its program of practical, hands-on instruction. Using music from widely diverse traditions and time periods, the program expands students’ appreciation of music as a universal activity that transcends cultural, religious, and geographical boundaries. Unique to the S’Cool Sounds program is an immediate emphasis on the classroom as an ensemble, fostering communication skills, teamwork, mutual appreciation and support—the same skills required to build a successful classroom, school, and community.

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S'Cool Sounds is sponsored by public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, grants from the Freygish Foundation, the Kaplen Foundation, the Olimpia Foundation, and the Richard and Lois Pace Charitable and Cultural Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund, as well as private donations.