Since moving to New York in 2014 Juan Manuel Trujillo has been an active member of the jazz and improvised music scene playing in groups with artists such as Francisco Mela, Ras Moshe, Leonor Falcón, Mimi Jones, Guillermo Gregorio, Christof Knoche and Juan Pablo Carletti among others. Trujillo has developed a personal playing style that embraces many musical lineages from jazz, rock and latin american music to improvised music and noise, he continually strives to innovate amongst his contemporaries while also incorporating the mastery of his predecessors into his forward-leaning artistic explorations.

Trujillo  has over 10 years of teaching experience. In addition to having private students, he has taught numerous jazz combo master classes, band and jazz ensemble coaching, and improvisation workshops in Los Angeles, New York, and Venezuela. He has served as a NY Jazz Appreciation Instructor at APEX for Youth as well as a guitar instructor for non-profit organization Guitars Not Guns.

Juanma’s activity in multiple musical ensembles has enabled him to perform in various  venues all over the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Venezuela, Austria and Slovenia. 

"Juanma Trujillo is well on his way to becoming another one of those Downtown guitar greats who are deserving of wider recognition." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

"...Trujillo's evocative versatility gives this set a calm center even when the music gets stormy" - Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz