Classical percussionist Mariana Ramirez has taught recorder and percussion through S’Cool Sounds since 2014. Originally from Mexico City, she has a special interest in working with Mexican and Latino communities. Mariana is continuously appreciative of the S’Cool Sounds teaching model, as it both encourages her to share her Mexican musical culture as well as learn from the diverse backgrounds of the students she teaches. In Mariana’s words, “I look forward for every day that I work with the kids!”

Mariana has performed with major orchestras such as National Symphony of Mexico, Orquesta de Mineria (Mexico), and the South Florida Symphony. She is a co-founder of Excelsis, the first (at least to her knowledge) all-female percussion quartet in NYC. With Excelsis, she has performed on NPR (“From the Top”), at the Zeltsman Marimba Festival, on a So Percussion concert series, and at the Tippet Rise Music Festival in Montana. Locally, she performs on and off-Broadway. One of her favorite gigs was with The Patriots Brass Band on the "Stephen Colbert Show."

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