Your contribution goes a long way towards opening the hearts and minds of S’Cool Sounds’ children. Contact us at any time to discuss how you can make a meaningful difference.

CHECK. Please mail checks to:
S'Cool Sounds, Inc.
111 2nd Place
Brooklyn, NY 11231

SECURITIES. We are able to accept donations of securities to S’Cool Sounds. To donate long-term appreciated securities (i.e., securities that you have owned for more than one year), please contact Amanda Gookin, Finance Manager, for instructions (; 917-362-3071).

CREDIT CARD. Please click "Donate Now."

Donate Now

$7000 covers the cost of a 15-week school program for an entire grade in a NYC public school

$3000 allows an SCS teaching artist to visit one of our international programs for a week of training with partner teachers and students

$2000 launches a S'Cool Sounds music program for Syrian refugee children in a second school in Azraq, Jordan

$1500 covers the cost of a 10-week music program for a NYC public school classroom

$500 gives 100 children in the Kibera slum (Nairobi) a recorder and the opportunity to join the S'Cool Sounds music program

$125 puts a soprano recorder in the hands of each child in an NYC classroom.

$75 supports a collection of small hand percussion instruments for a NYC classroom

Thank you for your generosity!